Shepherd House
Shepherd House


We bought the kennels in 2015 and quite simply, love dogs! We have always had a house full of our own (we currently have 2 Rottweilers, 3 Cocker Spaniels a Springer Spaniel and a three legged Border Collie!) and have had years of fun with them!


Owning a dog boarding kennels had been a dream for many years and when we finally managed to fulfil that dream we were pleasantly surprised by the available facilities at Shepherd House.  Having never used kennels, our aim was to find something that we would be happy to use for our own dogs if we were ever looking to use kennels ourselves.  Shepherd House ticked all the boxes!


Each time that we visited the kennels, the dogs were happy and content and importantly and because of the way that the kennel blocks are positioned, the dogs cannot see each other meaning that they are not constantly barking at each other.  The accommodation was and still is second to none and there is space both within the kennels and in the outside play areas for each dog to enjoy proper exercise.



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